Our Practice​​
Yoga Reflection is Swati's yoga therapy practice where she has been passionately leading Private & Group Yoga classes for several years. To make it accessible for everyone, she offers group classes at several locations as well as affordable. She has been offering the Pay it Forward Karma Yoga classes at the local library once a week for the past 8 years at no cost to the general public. As a yoga therapy practitioner, she has the opportunity to provide a direct one on one guidance based on a traditional format to all keen yoga seekers in a safe & non-judgmental environment and willing to adapt to the yogic way of living. Living her yoga for all her life, she is dedicated to inspiring keen students to follow yoga lifestyle for a better and improved health & life. Being a resident of Hickory, she currently offers her service in and around Hickory as well as at neighboring studios in North Carolina.

Our Intention
In addition to offering yoga group classes, our goal is to offer accessible & affordable Personalized Yoga & Yoga Therapy Solutions for everyone as a preventive healthy life style opportunity! This will create a healthy shift from the usual human tendency to seek medical / counselling help only upon falling ill. Scheduling an appointment for yoga therapy is no different than scheduling a session for massage or well visits. It's that easy.  The major difference is that you don't schedule an appointment with us because of illness at all. The main purpose of private yoga & yoga therapy appointments emerges from the need of 'Prevention is better than cure ' philosophy & teaches you the ancient wisdom which helps one stabilize one's mind, body and soul & therefore manage life & stress in a healthy way. Our practice does Not treat/ cure/ heal people. We use the traditional Ashtaanga yoga lifestyle wisdom & yoga therapy techniques to prevent the root of problems itself by providing tools such as meditation & mindfulness, stretches, muscle toning asanas, breath & circulation and relaxation. Yoga also helps in managing certain conditions. Often people may seek  yoga therapy as a path to making positie lifestyle changes either on their own or upon doctor recommendation post diagnosis of heart ailments and cancer. Hence, if already diagnosed with a certain condition or under medical care, we highly suggest that you seek your doctor's approval before scheduling a session. Routine individualized Sessions are sure way to experience visible improvement and personal growth within the set time line. While packs for each service are already offered at Yoga Reflection here, we are now introducing 4 types of commitment combo package options to help focus on achieving one's personal target of Self-Transformation. It also includes several bonus savings to boost one's commitment! Click  here for more details. 
Yoga Instructor Swati
Personal Yoga Practice: 35 years
Yoga Teaching Experience: 20+ years
Yoga Therapy Practice: 10+ years
Teacher Training Certifications: Several Yoga & Yoga Therapy (India & USA
Degree: B.A. Philosophy
Other Certifications: Several Foreign Languages
Yoga Alliance: E-RYT (Experienced Yoga Teacher); RCYT (Registered Child Yoga Teacher); YACEP (Continuing Education Provider)
Yoga Workshops & Events: Multiple locations, nationally & internationally
Yoga Facts
There is more truth to the real uses & benefits to the practice of yoga than the myths. Yoga myths create misperception & fears and cloud the mind. The following few of the many yoga facts would hopefully help our readers to gain some clarity & become a seeker of Truth - the very foundation of yoga lifestyle! 

  • Yoga is beyond physical exercises. It is a complete package for balancing your mind, body & soul and acquiring spiritual knowledge with it's tools for maintaining overall wellness.
  • Yoga is for everyone - It crosses all barriers of age, gender, religion, nationality, education, economy, physical limitations, one's negative past, etc. You don't have be perfect & successful to qualify. Just be ! You are enough.
  • Yoga is a way of life. It hails from India and is practiced world wide and has nothing to do with a religious practice. Om is a universal sound that stands for 'peace' and hence used at start and end of yoga class practice. It is an optional chant or you may mentally use a term equivalent to peace in your head during group chant. 
  • Sanskrit terms are often used in Yoga class and is often labelled as a language of Yoga as it aptly unites people at global level & also ensures accuracy in communication between the instructor & the students regarding relaying of a philosophical term or yoga  postures & techniques, etc. for the safety of the students in class. Translations often have their limitations and different schools of thoughts may describe the same pose differently in their language. Though Sanskrit is the ancient language of India & almost extinct in it's spoken form, it has always thrived through the ancient texts of yoga & philosophy & science. Chanting in Sanskrit has it's own therapeutic elements during the class practice for those who opt to chant along. There is never any pressure for chanting or meditating or during any part of yoga practice. You do what you can do and what you wish to do. 
  • Yoga & Meditation is now almost main stream of health & wellness and often recommended by doctors. We get patients referred to our practice by their caring medical doctors & even heart surgeons to implement yoga lifestyle as a form of positive life change. Patients, who follow the doctors orders & include yoga in their routine and later follow up with doctors, and their doctors note the positive impact of yoga has had on their health and overall life. Yet Yoga is not a substitute for your medical or psychological care. Yoga therapy does not stand for any medical or clinical therapy of any sorts and mainly caters to helping one manage their condition in a way that it doesn't worsen and offers tools that are complimentary to their ongoing medical treatments. Yoga & Yoga therapy have their own unique techniques, uses & benefits. Read below for more details. Yoga is primarily rooted in relaxation & eliminating stress. Most diseases emerge from stress. Hence, Yoga has everything to do with Prevention. After all, "Prevention is better than cure."
  • Yogis & Meditators are rational, non-violent and productive members of the society. You learn to manage your life better, to be more mindful & kind to everyone including yourself, to let go and forgive, to have a broad & positive outlook towards the world, society & life and to strengthen one's will, mind & body and to help you grow spiritually & intellectually as well. With routine practice, you will happily lose a lot of this - unhealthy weight gain & poor diet habits, EGO, anger, judgmental attitude, negativity, etc. 
  • Yoga is for your Self. Don't feel obligated to do it because of your family or friends, etc. However, if you are willing to try it even out of curiosity, you will be glad that you explored & found your true amazing Self & felt empowered in ways, you never knew before. As the well known quote goes - 'A journey of thousand miles begins with a step!' So, are you ready?
Yoga Benefits
The benefits of group or private yoga class are alike and the practice involves the yoga student alone following the verbal instructions & visual cues throughout the class. Yoga practice helps with maintaining & improving overall wellness of mind, body and soul and is deep rooted in prevention of diseases in the first place, while may also have some therapeutic elements when practiced safely and under the guidance of an experienced Instructor. A routine practice provides the much needed tools to balance your life by healthily managing the challenges & stress in today's fast paced world & to practice being peaceful in such times. You are not expected to stay happy 24/7 as that is not being true to your self. Yoga Reflection practice is a total practice where apart from the amazing benefits of joint freeing stretches and Aasana movements, students also explore the important components of the practice such as Dhyaan Meditation, Praanayam Breath-work, mindfulness & Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation techniques. All this helps with stimulating & opening the energy points to aid in grounding oneself, attaining clarity and thereby making better decisions; improving blood circulation throughout the body; increasing memory & gray matter of the brain; detoxing the systems, improving heart health & functioning of all other vital organs; stretching & toning all muscles to aid in improving mobility & flexibility; resetting the mental switch from a negative to a positive outlook towards life as a whole; strengthening one's will to overcome any bad habits, addictions & negative self-talk as well as to boost one's will to create positive life changes to name a few.
Yoga Therapy Benefits
Yoga Therapy is a one on one private session, but not the same as private yoga class since it is a different modality by itself. While a yoga class is led by the Instructor, a yoga therapy session is led by the therapy practitioner, though provided by the same person at Yoga Reflection. Besides including all of the benefits of yoga classes, this technique has the ability to speed up, deepen & intensify those benefits manifolds with much longer lasting effects. It helps the recepient instantly transition into a state of bliss and complete deep relaxation throughout the session, while also detoxifying the system. Clients range from any one wanting a truly relaxing 'in-touch-with-self' experience to those coping with anxiety, stress, obesity, fatigue, plantar-fascitis, fibromyalgia and other disorders for they have often found these sessions to be very beneficial & complementary to their ongoing medical treatment. The yoga therapy session is led by a trained practitioner who carefully considers the client's current health condition to mindfully offer yoga therapy specifically designed for the client based on their health limitations or need for modifications as need be and serves as a bridge to the client's achieving the best results. The results vary case by case based on client's condition and the number of visits. ​
Yoga Class Etiquettes
WHAT TO WEAR? Loose easy to breathe clothes. No jeans … No tights … No tight T-s !! During class please keep aside any jewelry that may bind your blood circulation during practice.
HOW MUCH GAP SHOULD THERE BE BETWEEN MEALS & YOGA? Typically allow approx. 2 hours digestion after a light meal or allow 3 - 4 hours digestion after a heavy meal.
WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS? A yoga mat, a towel, a water bottle and a blanket if possible. If you do not have a mat, bring along a big beach towel for your 1st class & then decide if you want to invest in a mat & other props!! For prenatal and postnatal classes, please bring along a block and a pillow in addition.
WHAT NOT TO DO? The more you practice being mindful, the more you will find your practice rewarding! Definately, Refrain from smoking and wearing strong perfumes or perfumed make-up. Enter the class without disturbing others if arriving late and keep cellphones switched off during the class. Do not converse with others during the class.
WHEN TO ARRIVE?  Come at least 10-15 minutes early for your first class and at least 5 mins before the rest. It helps you settle in and the class can start on time.
HOW MANY CLASSES ARE RECOMMENDED? Ideally attend at least 2 classes per week to see some noticeable progress in a month or two. Attending more is always beneficial for you.
WHAT DO THE SANSKRIT TERMS MEAN? DO WE HAVE TO MEMORIZE THEM IN YOUR CLASS? – Don’t stress or worry about it one bit. As you attend your classes regularly, these terms will fall on your ears almost effortlessly. And NO, you don’t have to memorize them at all. The instructor mentions the English equivalent always. Just remember these at first until you feel ready to explore your Sanskrit language skills. What’s the hurry anyway? It’s all about the patience when you explore the yoga within You!


FOR YOUR SAFETY - Please update the instructor of any medical condition or recent injuries / surgery before the class begins. Your privacy will be maintained.
NO COMPETITION ZONE  - There is no competition within the class and especially with yourself. So please don't force yourself into any of the postures. Listen to your body and respect your body limits. The key to success is regular practice and you will be there soon!!
FOR REAL PROGRESS - Be consistent. Don't judge yourself or others. Smile & have patience and yoga will be fun. Follow the teacher's advice on what postures to practice at home on other days!! You may want to try a class before signing up for a package.