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 "I always look forward to my yoga lessons. I feel clear, relaxed and energized when I leave my practice. I have become much more flexible, stronger and I can feel an improvement in my overall health and well-being. Yoga practice has provided great benefits to both my body and my mind. It is nice to feel myself gradually improving and feeling comfortable practicing yoga on my own. Yoga has become an interesting hobby and a wonderful addition to my way of life..... I will definitely continue to practice yoga and to apply what I have learned to the rest of my life. Thanks Swati!” - Connor A.​​

""I started yoga as a way to get a little exercise, but it has turned out to be so much more. I have learned that yoga provides both a physical and mental exercise for your body.  Swati is an excellent teacher and encourages you to perform at your own level.  Yoga is for everyone- no matter your age or size." - Danielle I.                                                      
 "Sparsh Partner Yoga session in 2013 was such a great gift from my mother. We found such a loving way to strengthen our bond through a enriching yoga experience. I not only personally gained confidence in my practice, but learned to express my respect of other's practices. Also. Looking back on the fun I had, I plan on joining Swati again this year with someone new!" - Laurel Huggins​​
"Swati, Thank you so much for offering the Mantra Workshop in April. I feel better about my meditation practice now that I know more about mantras and chanting. And I love the handout with the translations from Sanskrit; the verses are beautiful and inspiring. I also love my mala & being taught the significance of the number of beads on it. My meditation practice is more frequent and focused since the workshop. I appreciate your wisdom and hope to learn more in the future!"- Jennifer Ly

 "Hey Swati, I just wanted to tell you, today & yesterday, I feel completely like a well-oiled machine (happy laughter) if that makes sense.  I don’t know it's an odd feeling, but I feel like my body is more fluent or flowing. I appreciate what you did. Thank you. I will call for an appointment next week. Bye !" - Peggy Davis  (​​voice message)
"As an active sixty-six year old man, I had developed loss of flexibility, plantar fasciitis , a weak shoulder from a dislocation, and general muscular aches and subluxations.  After years of treating these with regular chiropractic therapies and deep tissue massage therapy which gave relief for several days, I tried yoga therapy.  After the first one and a half hour therapy, I made several observations.  First, the duration of relief was several weeks.  Next, conditions which I had been experiencing regularly for years occurred less frequently.  Under Swati's therapy , I was able to remove painful orthotics from my shoes,  sleep without being wakened by sharp back pains, and increase my flexibility, so that I could benefit from a regular yoga practice. Finally, I feel that I have become more aware and mindful of my body and health." - Hugh McCammon