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- We offer course classes and mini private tutoring lessons to get the basics straight.

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- In addition to gaining knowledge from attending our events, workshops and classes,

you may also schedule a private / semi-private session to suit your specific needs.

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•Are you a novice teacher interested in assisting & training under Swati?

- Join our affordable mentoring program to discover your hidden talent &/or sharpen your skills.

•Are you a novice studio interested in inviting Swati to offer workshops, continuing education and yoga teacher trainings?

- We would love your studio to prosper with right offerings to the community. Be assured of what is delivered to your clients. Swati is not a competition. She is passionate about yoga teaching and willing to offer a truly judgement-free, authentic genuine traditional yoga vidya with compassion, patience and sincerity to all eager ones - anywhere & everywhere, in this town or out of town, in this country or world-wide!! Call directly for details.

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At Yoga Reflection, there is no competition, no judgement of different yoga school styles

& we always look forward for you to be a part of the Yoga Sangha !


“Each bud has the capacity to bloom into a beautiful fragrant flower. This can happen only if it is showered with Love & the right amount of soil, water and Sun. Each yoga student starts off as a bud and each aspiring Yoga Teacher needs the right guidance to bloom to one's fullest. Yoga Sangha aims at providing just that & hence is the right avenue for any willing Peace Warrior to gather all yoga knowledge!” - Swati Bhende