Yoga is a spiritual practice that was developed in India over 5,000 years ago. The term Yoga (pronounced as "yōg") originates from the term “yuj" in Sanskrit, an Ancient language of India, meaning "to yolk or to unite". The early writings on yoga were inscribed on the fragile palm leaves destroyed or lost in the passage of time. Its relevance can be found stated in the scriptures of Vedās and Upanishads. Patānjali, known as father of yoga, was the first to systematize yoga into an 8 fold path in "Patānjali's Yoga Sutras ". The first 5 steps form the Hatha Yoga and the last 4 form the Rāja Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the most common form of yoga practiced all over the world of which often just the yoga poses called "Āsanas" are taught as a form of fitness routine although there is so much more to True Yoga. Mastering Hatha Yoga is the only way to ‘Realize the Ultimate Truth’ ~ Móksha ~ a spiritual goal of enlightenment for such an aspiring Yogi or Sanyāsin, which are acquired from mastering Rāja Yoga. But for the general population, Hatha Yoga is the only required goal as a householder as it works as a medium to attain an overall fitness, to prevent or even heal certain types of diseases and to conquer stress by controlling one's fast track mind. Yoga has stood the test of time and modern science has yet to discover it's multitude of benefits and are amazed with how it has been working for ages. Many doctors like Dr. Oz recommend following yoga path to wellness. Dr. Dean Ornish has done extensive research in this area and has brought Yoga in the main stream of Modern Science and strongly recommends following Yoga. He has been able to prove that by adopting a Yoga lifestyle, conditions such as Heart disease, Cancer and the like can be prevented and even reversed even if one is genetically predisposed to these.

Buddha sitting on lotus



Chanting Om and other chants help open up heart chakras and create a peaceful feeling within. Their vibrations (specifically of OM ) are very powerful, energizing and healing. You got to try it to believe it. The mantras have originated from Hinduism and yet the benefits are Universal. Singing it loud, clears throat chakra as well and the more open it is, the musical you are. The flow of musical voice from free flowing heart brings in happiness and calmness in one’s heart. Hence I like to say “Home is where OM is” indeed.



“Explore Peace, Experience Love, Enjoy Unity within Humanity.” - Swati Bhende