• Yoga Therapy Clients •

"Hey Swati, I just wanted to tell you, today & yesterday, I feel completely like a well-oiled machine (happy laughter) if that makes sense. I don’t know it's an odd feeling, but I feel like my body is more fluent or flowing. I appreciate what you did. Thank you. I will call for an appointment next week. Bye ! " - Peggy Davis (by phone, June 13th, 2013)

".... It is truly one of the best experiences I have ever had. I felt grounded and connected to my body and totally relaxed....... made me let go of all my tight muscles and negative energy I had carried with me for so long. ...... I felt completely in the moment as the yoga therapy session continued. One of the most wonderful feelings came across as I realized I was breathing deep breaths and not using shallow breathing or holding my breathe. It is do hard to explain something that totally makes you forget time and feel yourself in such a state of bliss. My mind and body were completely into what I was feeling and only that. Because I felt so comfortable and trusted you so much, my mind and body felt as one. Tension makes me feel disjointed from my body. Your session let me feel that my body and my mind were together and not separate. I left my session feeling grounded, happy, relaxed, confident, and with a sense of a new control over who I was. I look forward to future sessions and exploring myself even more. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience!" - Mary S.

"Managing and working in a high pressure & extremely short last minute deadlines, stress was throughout my body especially upper back and shoulders. I have dealt with physical rehab exercises, chiropractic & massages, but by far this has been the most healing of anything I have experienced. Swati was very professional, considerate to my body and the flexibility. ...... I feel so awesome & relaxed after one of the worst weeks of pressure that I have ever had last week. Thank you Swati for encouraging me to do this and for your patience !" - Scottie S.

" I absolutely loved the session. As Swati worked on each part of my body, I could feel the muscles relaxing and pain disappearing. I love the stretching of my limbs and trunk. I came away totally relaxed & with a feeling of well being. I feel my posture & balance improved. The setting was peaceful & condusive to relaxation. I feel that the therapy has been very beneficial to my body and will contribute to helping my mind maintain the well-being..... Thank you." - Donna W.

"As an active sixty-six year old man, I had developed loss of flexibility, plantar fasciitis , a weak shoulder from a dislocation, and general muscular aches and subluxations. After years of treating these with regular chiropractic therapies and deep tissue massage therapy which gave relief for several days, I tried yoga therapy. After the first one and a half hour therapy, I made several observations. First, the duration of relief was several weeks. Next, conditions which I had been experiencing regularly for years occurred less frequently. Under Swati Bhende's therapy , I was able to remove painful orthotics from my shoes, sleep without being wakened by sharp back pains, and increase my flexibility, so that I could benefit from a regular yoga practice. Finally, I feel that I have become more aware and mindful of my body and health." - Hugh McCammon

"I truly enjoyed every minute of my yoga therapy session. My whole body is able to move more freely without any discomfort... My body feels lighter." - Ferne B.

• Yoga Group Class & Private Session Students •

"I had the pleasure of having Swati as my Yoga instructor… I would like to point out a few things which really impressed me about Swati … She is extremely professional, sincere and very methodical in her teaching. ......... At the end of the session during the relaxation Asanas, she gave small lectures on life which I loved as it brought in so much positive energy for me after a stressful day. As I am in the computer profession, Swati also taught me some simple exercise’s I could do sitting in my chair. They really really help me. !! After I completed my course, she did an evaluation on whatever I had learnt (my graduation :) ) and asked me to write down explaining the different Asanas with breathing pattern, etc. This was the best part as now those notes help me a great deal as I practice on my own. Last but not the least, Swati is really passionate about what she teaches and you can see that in her teaching and I am sooo glad I got introduced to Yoga through her." - Akhila S.

"I started yoga as a way to get a little exercise, but it has turned out to be so much more. I have learned that yoga provides both a physical and mental exercise for your body. Swati is an excellent teacher and encourages you to perform at your own level. Yoga is for everyone- no matter your age or size." - Danielle I.

"I really want to say thank you for the healing you have given to me ..... I was diagnosed with Graves disease, an autoimmune condition where the body produces antibodies that attack the thyroid and it becomes hyperactive; my symptoms were anxiety, tachycardia, heat intolerance, manic activity followed by extreme fatigue, weight loss, huge appetite. Deemed incurable by western physicians who would like to kill the thyroid with a radioactive dose, the alternative option was medication to suppress it. I opted for medication, a high dose of suppressant to stop the thyroid working altogether, along with a small dose of synthetic thyroid hormone for six months. With this treatment programme, 30-40% of patients go into remission. There was no information offered by doctors about lifestyle changes or alleviating stress which they believe is the reason for the onset of Graves disease. My own research also led me to take the following measures: 1) Lifestyle change; I slowed down by reducing my work load and rested more. 2) Nutrition - I eliminated foods that aggravated the condition and added those that suppressed the thyroid. 3) Healing classes - Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gung. I believe the classes were the most crucial factor in my healing. Two months after completing the treatment programme and adopting the changes in my lifestyle, I have a perfectly functioning thyroid gland and a deep sense of well being. I am in remission. Continuing along the path and especially practicing yoga will, I hope, keep me healthy. One never knows, perhaps I am cured completely... I really appreciate your gentleness and knowledge as you guide your classes."- Jacqueline R.

"Swati Bhende is all one could hope for from a Yoga Instructor. She teaches authentic Yoga as it is intended, with the full mind/body/spirit approach. Swati is extremely knowledgeable & her soothing instructions, explanations & encouragements create a meditative atmosphere from start to finish. This is not to assume that she doesn't challenge you; I'm continuously amazed at her strength and stability when I am shaking and about to drop. After only a few sessions I could feel the difference, not only physically, but mentally as well. Swati's enthusiasm for what she does is readily apparent, and she never cuts short our time, or rushes. If anything the opposite is true. I feel extremely lucky to have her as my Teacher, and would recommend her to anyone." - Joshua S.

"I have been interested in yoga for a while and finally started classes with Swati. As a beginner, I was worried I would not be able to do the poses and keep up. With Swati's help, I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the class. I recommend her classes to anyone of any level." - Jessica S.G.

"Swati’s classes are peacefully guided to the relaxation and unification of the mind body and soul. After her classes I always felt unified and at peace, stretched and at ease. In her classes, I have learned to listen to my body while exercising and how to properly stretch before exercising. I have learned to come to peace with my limitations and how to guide my mind with towards relaxation with my breath. I hope that I can resume her classes soon, because I know I have only scratched the surface with what Yoga with Swati is really about. Thank you for all your knowledge and wisdom, Swati. Namaste!" - Daniel J. (UNC student)

"I never understood (until now) when people talked about how yoga changed their lives. One of the more obvious changes is the physical benefits. Bi-weekly visits to the chiropractor are no longer necessary. I am now going for routine adjustments about once every three months. My chiropractor (who has long encouraged me to try yoga) commented that he loses many patients when they turn to yoga. Not only have I noticed the changes it is making to my body, I am also experiencing more peace and better focus in my life. Learning the practice under Swati has an added bonus. She brings a very authentic, spiritual aspect to the mat that you don't find every day. I look forward to her classes because I know I am always a better person when I leave than I was when I walked in."- Charlotte M. B.

“I have practiced yoga off and on for years, but have recently become more serious in my practice. As I have begun to study the spiritual aspects of yoga it has become more clear to me that yoga is not about mastering a pose or gaining flexibility, it is about the marriage of body to mind and being the master of both. It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to practice under Swati as she understands the importance of this and brings her love and light to every class. She has helped me understand what it means to practice yoga off the mat and has given me some great tips to optimize the time I am on it. I'm grateful for all the ways yoga has helped me grow and joyful in every step I take along this path.”- Candi B. D.

“I would like to recommend Swati’s yoga class to people of all ages. I am full time employed and I can never find time for workout. Yoga with Swati has changed my perspective towards workout. I had always thought yoga was for women, but now I know better. Yoga is the Way to Go !” - Mr. Tehsin K.

“I am doing yoga for peace of mind, for relaxation after a long tiring day. I recommend everybody to do yoga for good health & a relaxed mind. I am learning a lot from my instructor, Swati Bhende. My preconception about yoga is totally changed after taking classes from her. I thought that yoga is only an exercise, but not now. Yoga is not only a good form of exercise and relaxation for the entire body, but it also keeps you young in looks as well as thinking, etc. Swati knows what she is doing. She is very soft spoken and she has teaching qualities.”- Mrs. Uzma K.

“I always look forward to my yoga lessons. I feel clear, relaxed and energized when I leave my practice. I have become much more flexible, stronger and I can feel an improvement in my overall health and well-being. Yoga practice has provided great benefits to both my body and my mind. It is nice to feel myself gradually improving and feeling comfortable practicing yoga on my own. Yoga has become an interesting hobby and a wonderful addition to my way of life. Even though my lessons with Swati are almost finished, I will definitely continue to practice yoga and to apply what I have learned to the rest of my life. Thanks Swati!”- Connor A.

• Yoga Workshop Attendees •

"I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed your workshop this morning. It is amazing how much I learned from your lecture, as well as the stories and information that you shared with us. Before I started taking your yoga classes, I was a shallow breather, held my breath when I was anxious, and didn't know how to deal with stress except through headaches and stomach problems. Now, this class really reinforced the importance of breathing and its reflections on your life forces...body, mind, and spirit. I realize that it is my responsibility to be who I am and do what is right for me and my body in relation to the universe.
Today, when I was driving home, a man cut me off in his car and almost hit me. I first thought of reacting in a negative way. My heart started pumping hard, and I could feel myself breathing very fast and shallow. Then, I remembered your class and started breathing very deep breaths. I could feel myself calming down even though it did take awhile. I am so glad that I had just had your workshop."
- Mary S. (Breathing Workshop dt. 9/10/2011)

"Last year's Sparsh Partner Yoga session in 2013 was such a great gift from my mother. We found such a loving way to strengthen our bond through a enriching yoga experience. I not only personally gained confidence in my practice but learned to express my respect of other's practices, also. Looking back on the fun I had I plan on joining Swati again this year with someone new!" - Laurel Huggins(Sparsh Partner Workshop dt. Feb. 2013)

"Swati, Thank you so much for offering the Mantra Workshop in April. I feel better about my meditation practice now that I know more about mantras and chanting. And I love the handout with the translations from Sanskrit; the verses are beautiful and inspiring. I also love my mala & being taught the significance of the number of beads on it. My meditation practice is more frequent and focused since the workshop. I appreciate your wisdom and hope to learn more in the future!" - Jennifer Ly.(Mantra Workshop dt. Apr. 2013)

"I attended the New Year Renewal Yoga Workshop and found such good energy to start off the New Year right! A renewal to my practice and a kick start to get in gear. I feel so much better already. I can't wait to get back in a regular swing with the ongoing classes and even more workshops. I can highly recommend Swati's gentle guidance for all levels!!" - Dana D.(New Years Renewal Yoga Workshop dt. Jan. 2014)


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“Yoga to me is more than a form of exercise, beyond gaining mere flexibility in a pose. It is a lifestyle anyone and every can adapt to. Yoga is all about working on yourself every day inside out to attain total health & peace.” - Swati Bhende