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Swati Bhende explains that Karma Yoga (Selfless Kind Act towards the Society) is not a favor to the society, but indeed our Highest Duty as a member of the society. She guides her students how to live yoga off the mat from all that they learn on the mat. She encourages all to contribute to the society in any possible way they can and believes strongly in the Power of One. One does not always need to possess money to serve the society. One can offer time & energy to help the society to progress.

To encourage all ~ children, teens & adults ~ to follow this path, she conducts Karma Yoga workshops that are meant to support various social causes. To be notified of such charitable Yoga workshops, contact her here or simply keep checking back on our WORKSHOPS & EVENTS page (link directs to page 7 / workshops & events tab") and look out for the sub - heading Karma Yoga Workshop. It will give full details of the cause as well.

In addition, NOW, once a week, Swati conducts Karma Yoga Class where all can come together to practice yoga for free. Donations are welcome, though not a requirement for attending this class. All donations received from this class go towards a charitable cause. Suggestions for causes that benefit the society are also welcome. For details on venue & time of these Karma Yoga Classes, please click here.

Karma Yoga

A little background about how the NEW Karma Yoga class has come into being -

Swati’s parents, Mr. & Mrs. Gopalan, were involved with educating the illiterate people living below poverty line in India. Being founders of the renowned Study Center of Foreign Languages, they have been offering free education at their non-profit institute to those people who desire to learn a foreign language, but don’t have any resources to do so. In addition, Swati’s mother had been strongly involved in social activities through the Lion’s /Ladies Club to help various causes like destitute, orphanages, etc.

Inspired by her parents, Swati Bhende also wanted to help various local & global causes on her own.

When she heard about the unbelievable atrocities happening in Darfur region of Africa; it really broke her heart. She couldn’t imagine anyone being in that ghastly situation. Most of us don’t realize how fortunate we are to be living in a safe haven like America, while the innocent children and families in Darfur are still helpless, starving and under constant fear of losing their precious life every single minute. So she vowed to donate a third of all her yoga earnings for this cause in 2009 and immediately contacted the Genocide Intervention Network about her desire to help and use their logo on her flyers and donation box. She not only kept her promise, but is very happy to say that she was able to donate even more than that with the help of all generous donors. Swati conveys a heartfelt gratitude to all who were a part of this noble cause. To read more about Genocide facts and to help support organizations that intervene, send aids and save lives in Darfur, please visit and

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Fri, Mar. 11th 2011 : The unfortunate day, the highest magnitude of Tsunami hit the coast of Japan, sweeping not just homes & cars, but more than 10 thousand innocent lives including foreign nationals. This day shall remain an unforgettable sad day in History. Please click here for a list of aunthentic charities that are currently in dire need of your generous donations to support this humanitarian cause. To date Swati made personal contributions & is planning on to send out more contributions to this cause by offering free Karma yoga at library & fundraiser events locally.


“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” ~ Edward Everett Hale