Corporate Yoga


Why Corporate Yoga classes are good for your employees & your company? 

FACT 1: Yoga, which is a total mind & body workout, helps boost productivity of an employee at work.

FACT 2: An employee’s regular practice reduces the number of sick leaves & thereby helps company save more of its funding for employee’s insurance.

FACT 3: Caring for your employee’s health, makes the employee respect your company & it’s efforts. A happy employee has a positive outlook. An employee with positive outlook is always an asset to the company.

FACT 4 : More & more insurance companies have realized, they save more money when their members who practice yoga, do not fall ill as much as a result make lesser visits to doctors & hospitals. In other words, they require less complicated & expensive treatments. Thereby helping even the members save BIG on medical expenses.

To learn more facts and how yoga benefits your employees and most importantly the employer & his company, schedule a FREE yoga demo at your office/company. For corporate yoga quotes and other details, contact Swati here to email your requirements. Thank you.

“Most employees are capable of working at a far higher strategic level, developing ever greater returns on their own efforts.” - Unknown